Anton Goosen creates theme song for new Roets film


Based on the novel by Jeanne Goosen, “n Pawpaw vir my Darling has
been adapted for the big screen by filmmaker Koos Roets. The film will be
screened for the first time on the 26th August 2015 at the kykNET Silwerskerm
Festival in Camps Bay.

The movie is set in 2003 and follows the ups and downs of the Beeslaer-family from
24 Frik Du Preez Street in Damnville, as seen through the eyes of the “pavement
special’ dog, Tsjaka (voiced by Tobie Cronje) – who is also the main character and
narrator. The film features Sandra Prinsloo, Marcel van Heerden, Andre Stolz,
Deirdre Wolhuter, Deon Lotz, Brumilda van Rensburg, Willie Esterhuizen, Lida Botha
and Marga van Rooy among others.

The theme song, “n Pawpaw vir my Darling, is written by Anton
Goosen and will be released at the beginning of October 2015. Goosen says, “When
I read the script, I knew that the song needed to be like Boy van die Suburbs –
about the “zef’ side of things, but with a hint of pathos and compassion, and from
the view point of the dog, but without the barking effects on the soundtrack. Koos
wanted the song to have a slight “blues-feel’. In fact, I approached the song in very
much the same way I had with many of my previous works and gave it my own
earthy sound and made it even more mundane than before. The theme song was
stripped down to the bone, even after it was recorded.

“For the opening scenes, Koos selected the original demo that I had sent to him. I
worked with Peter Pearlson, a top sound engineer, who did the editing and mixing.
Now Koos Roets and Andrew Scholtz only need to give me 11 more theme songs to
write and I’ll have enough songs to release a new album…’

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