ContentAgent provides a centralised hub for automation


Aframe, a cloud video platform, has partnered with broadcast supplier, ROOT6
Technology, to provide a seamless workflow for customers using its automated file-
based management system, ContentAgent.

ContentAgent provides a centralised hub from which customers can manage and
automate all aspects of their file-based workflow from ingest to delivery, while its
resolution independent transcoding ensures that files are easily transformed into the
file formats needed. Users can set up ContentAgent to create a workflow and then
add Aframe via the desktop app. By using the combined solutions, customers can
now benefit from automated uploading and the ability to use Aframe out of the edit
without interrupting their workflow.

Outside broadcast and UK post-production facility, Timeline North, is one customer
which has been using both solutions together with great success. Eben Clancy, post-
production director at Timeline North, explains, “We use ContentAgent to transcode
the rushes, and then we can move the files straight from there to a drop folder
using the Aframe desktop app. Once it’s in the drop folder, Aframe uploads it
immediately. It has completely taken away a lengthy manual process and made the
workflow very easy and straightforward.’

As well as the ability to have an automated workflow, which improves efficiency
and saves time, the partnership allows customers to be able to view a low res
proxy, along with the time code and file name, from any location and use the
Aframe interface to link it back to the high res file and the online edit.

“ContentAgent allows us to set up rules and workflows, for example ensuring that
everything that we drop in to the Aframe folder gets uploaded immediately, so the
whole process is extremely simple,’ clarifies Clancy. “After a day of filming, we
usually get a batch of rushes at around 18h00 and the team on the late shift would
then look after things from there. Now, the whole process is automated which
means it is less of a burden on our resource and everything can be done

Clancy concludes, “What’s also great is the cloud aspect of Aframe. It means the
team can start the upload in the office and then check it from home to make sure
all the rushes uploaded successfully which is a huge benefit for all of us. It really
has improved our workflow and that of our clients.’


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