Shoprite gets nostalgic with new ad


Shoprite has launched a new corporate TV advertisement proclaiming: “40 years
ago, when we said lower prices for the first time, we didn’t just write a headline,
we made a promise.’ The ad was produced by Velocity films for creative agency

The story that’s been told in this ad is the story of a promise of lower prices and the
narrative of what Shoprite set out to do more than 40 years ago for all South

As a result of a partnership between Shoprite and Ninety9cents, the agency
identified the opportunity to pitch the script to the Shoprite Marketing team as a
corporate TV commercial.

The ad was directed by Gregg Bailey and produced by Kathleen Browne.

As an extension of the campaign Shoprite is inviting customers to submit a promise
they have made to make a difference through the Shoprite website, and if selected
Shoprite will assist the individual in keeping it. To find out more and submit a
promise consumers can visit:

Watch the commercial here.


Executive creative director: Marius Van Rensburg
Creative director: Louw le Roux
Copywriter: Marius Van Rensburg, Pieta Meyer
Art director: Marc Visser
Business unit director: Janine Van Aswegen
TV producer: Silke Gehring

Director: Gregg Bailey
Executive producer: Karen Kloppers
Producer: Kathleen Browne
Production art director: Karel Flint
Director of photography: Jamie D Ramsay
Editor & company: Anthony Lee Martin – Deliverance
Post-production: Deliverance
Sound studio: Stephen Webster – The Workroom


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