Cam-A-Lot celebrates nine years of business


“Cam-A-Lot has had a good run over the past nine years,’ says Glen Theron of the
Randburg and Pretoria-based rental facility. “We have built up an amazing loyal
client base, forming some wonderful relationships and creating good friends. The
ongoing evolution of electronics has kept us on our toes, forcing us to stay as
current as possible. The other factor that accelerates change is that crew are at the
forefront of change via internet exposure, which ultimately speeds up local change
by requesting the latest and greatest in gear.’

In their drive to add value to productions, Cam-A-Lot has built up a good selection
of toys and gadgets over the past few years. Their roller-bearing sliders and table
dollies have become firm favourites for camera crews needing a bit of movement,
“specifically when shooting on the magical old faithful Canon 5D MKIII or the king of
low light the Sony A7S,’ Theron says.

Cam-A-Lot’s compact, easy-to-use mini jibs are also an economical winner and a
simple way to put that dynamic edge on a potentially boring shot. Their LED battery
operated light panels are a hit when needing to shoot interviews etc. where
mainstream power is a problem or load shedding is on the cards for the day. “When
it comes to video cameras,’ Theron says, “we are sure that you will find a camera
to suit your needs among our large arsenal of Panasonic and Sony cameras.’

Theron continues, “We are getting more and more involved in offering multicam
camera rigs of up to 10 matching cameras, comms, HD mixer and recording that
goes directly onto the recently launched Shogun, a simple to operate HD/4K
recorder with built in 7′ high-resolution screen.’

The Cam-A-Lot team pride themselves on their ability to assist and help their clients
achieve their shooting goals. “If advice is required we are only too happy to assist
in selecting the best suited gear for your particular job. If we don’t have the gear
you need we will do our best to source it. It’s a really exciting industry we are in
and it’s what we do, know and love,’ Theron concludes.


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