Fiction projects


DIFF is turning six years old this year. Here are some of the fictional works that will

be shown at the festival.

Cactus Flower

Producer: Hossam Elouan
Director: Hala Elkoussy
Aida (35) is a struggling actress living in Cairo. She struggles to make ends meet

while nurturing her dream of the theatre. One night, she and her neighbour Samiha

(55), are kicked out on the street. With no money and nowhere to go, the two
women, aided by Yassin (21), a street savvy youth from their area, embark on a

journey across physical and mental mine-loaded terrains.

Inkabi the Hitman

Producer: Anco Henning
Director: Norman Maake
South Africa
In a ruthless city gripped by moral decay, where there is no glory for heroism, a

retired hitman has chosen to disappear and start his life all over again as a private

taxi driver. Frank wants only to live out the rest of his life as quietly as possible,

and different from his past. He has one rule, “Never get involved’, but deep down he

needs redemption. He is haunted by his past and the cruelty of his true nature.

Laughter is the Best Colour

Producer: Mohammed Musulumi
Director: Chike Ibekwe
The story is about Aishat (11), who against the desire of her dreams and
aspirations, is married off by her father Hassan to his creditor Kabiru (52). Finding

herself in a new, strange and seemingly unwelcoming place without the love and

warmth of her mother, and faced with an uncouth husband, she nevertheless finds

comfort in a new friend.

On the Way to Paradise

Producer: Imraan Jeeva
Director: Sara Blecher
South Africa
On the Way to Paradise is The Godfather… in Mayfair. It is the story of a young

man, the son of a white collar criminal, who tries to save his family when his
father’s money laundering scheme goes awry – at the cost of his soul.
One More Night in Lagos

Producer: Tosin Coker
Director: Marina Niava
Cote d’Ivoire
One More Night in Lagos is a romance inspired by Niava’s first trip to Lagos, Nigeria

in 2012. The story is set in three countries: the US, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. The

story draws together two characters – Deji, a Nigerian and Alice, an Ivorian-
American. As Alice’s love affair with Deji develops, so does her rekindled romance

with the African continent, to which she returns after a long absence.

Riot Waif

Producer: Jean Meeran
Director: Zinaid Meeran
Team Tarbaby
South Africa
Brother and sister Seb and Deli are a pair of downtown Mowglis who brought each

other up when their mother ran away to join the revolution. Deli is a singer in an

electropunk band, Seb her DJ. Their near-incestuous relationship is severely
challenged when both fall in love with other people. At the same time, a chance

encounter leads them to believe they have found their long-lost mother and sister.

Selma and Charlize

Producer: Helena Spring and Junaid Ahmed
Director: Robyn Aronstam
South Africa
Selma Jacobs is desperate to be a “somebody’ in this new South Africa.
Born on the wrong side of the tracks, supporting her mother Gloria, and 12-year-old

son Tyrone, she’s inspired by her hero, Charlize Theron, to never give up. Her
efforts to make something of herself throw her into the dangerous world of rhino


Sunflowers Behind a Dirty Fence

Producer: Nathan Magoola
Director: Simon “Se’ydou’ Mukali
Sunflowers behind a Dirty Fence is a dramatic adventure story about Yakobo (12), a

sheltered boy, who takes an ill-advised trip to Kampala city unaware that obstacles

and certain danger await a young boy alone. Help comes in the form of a shrewd

street urchin called Toni (12), whom Yakobo befriends on the way.

The Tall Assassin

Producer: Nicola Martin
Director: Roy Zetisky and Carolyn Crew
South Africa
This is a story about political awakening, as a conservative young Afrikaans woman,

Hanna Steyn digs to find the truth about her father’s death in an apparent air crash.

What she finds is a conspiracy that reaches right into the heart of the Afrikaans

establishment and a secret cabal of fanatical ideologies whose hold on power is

based on the systematic murder of opponents.


Producer: Akosua Adoma Owusu
Director: P. Sam Kessie
In Sunyani, Ghana 40-something Obiyaa Yamoah strives to be an ideal wife and

mother in her community. Living up to everyone’s expectations, she is sexually

frustrated. Her husband’s unexpected illness moves them to a secluded facility,

where she is forced to perform “wifely’ duties. Obiyaa begins hallucinating and is

forced to confront a suppressed childhood memory, which breaks down a wall
separating her traditional values and vivid imagination.


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