AMI and FEPACI partner on development of African film initiative


The African Media Initiative (AMI) and the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers
(FEPACI) have partnered to support the development of high quality audio visual
and film content in the continent’s film industry. The two organisations will work
together to create the conditions for the production of compelling African stories
which meet international film standards. AMI and FEPACI will also work with
regional organisations and national governments in developing conducive legislative
and policy environments which will drive the industry’s success and promote cross-border collaborations on production and post-production.

The move by the two organisations is also aimed at scaling up distribution of
African content within the region and beyond. The partners will promote and share
research and market data on the state of the media and film markets and will work
together to help build a body of knowledge which will drive further
commercialisation and financial viability of African content production.

Film is a significant industry in Africa, generating US$590 million in annual revenues
in Nigeria, US$300 million in South Africa, US$70 million in Kenya, and US$25
million in Egypt. However, the sector continues to grapple with issues such as a
lack of funding, poor infrastructure, and distribution challenges. AMI and FEPACI
hope to address these challenges by working with industry stakeholders and policy
makers to find lasting innovative and technology driven solutions.

For more information, please contact Meredith Beal at, or Jane Murago-Munene at


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