One workflow, multiple platforms – today’s 4K media asset management


Broadcasters and professional video production companies working in live
entertainment, sports and news continue to be tasked with capturing, preparing and
distributing content in the fastest and most efficient way. The implementation of an
effective media asset management (MAM) platform that benefits the entire chain of
production has become critical.

Today’s best MAM systems are capable of simplifying the production environment
and adapting workflows, while providing the related tools needed to optimise the
production of the many versions and variants an asset needs to be delivered.

“One’ Vision

Integrated and streamlined tools allow asset production and delivery to any
platform in one workflow, enabling content packaging and delivery that is
dramatically more efficient than traditional workflows. Extensive live entertainment
experience – from high-profile concerts to major sporting events like Olympic
Games and FIFA World Cup – as well as live newscasts for the likes of BBC, CNN
and Fox News, brings a unique understanding of the requirements for these fast-
paced, no-compromise productions.

Field-tested technology, such as the Viz One enterprise-level MAM system, helps
customers quickly find desired content stored on servers and sends it to the right
desktop for further processing (e.g., editing in an NLE, or graphics production with
tools such as the Viz Artist application). The underlying infrastructure is able to
manage all types of media during production – including for ingest, cataloging,
archiving and editing.

Building MAM for a 4K future

To ensure the success of future end-to-end 4K workflows, a MAM system is integral.
The level of preparation that broadcasters are undertaking for 4K is substantially
higher than it was for HD in its beginnings. From a physical point of view, the
bandwidth that 4K consumes and the storage space it takes up is much bigger.
Broadcasters will need more storage, and increased network capacity to incorporate
new codecs to handle 4K. The job of the MAM system is to manage all of these

The introduction of 4K in a MAM system like Viz One, will not change basic services
such as file management, load balancing, partial retrieval, and file movement. For
these services, 4K is simply a system configuration. It is more on the transcoding
side, where new codecs will require updated transcoding toolsets for MAM users to
be prepared for the future.

It’s no secret that broadcasters will need to produce 4K content to keep market
share and a similar level of existing revenues. A 4K MAM system will need to help
increase production efficiency and this is something Viz One can provide to users.

Simplifying production for all involved

Integration and centralised control and management are critical to seamless, high-
speed operations. Today, most of Vizrt’s production tools can be tightly integrated
into and controlled by one overall Viz One platform that can be accessed by anyone,
whether they are located at their desk or somewhere remotely around the globe.
That’s the type of access, flexibility and collaborative workflows the most advanced
content producers and distributors in the world are counting on to keep their
businesses successful.

Vizrt’s products and solutions are sold and serviced in South Africa by Concilium
Technologies., 012 678 9200


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