iPi Soft adds new features to markerless motion capture technology


iPi Soft has made a number of performance enhancements to iPi Motion Capture
Version 3.0, the company’s advanced line of markerless motion capture technology.

The latest updates include new distributed recording functionality that sets a
standard for capturing synchronised video by providing up to 16 USB camera
support or multiple Kinect 2 sensors recorded onto multiple PCs during the same
motion capture session. Additionally, the ability to track three actors simultaneously
gives professional users working in film, TV, videogame development and beyond, a
powerful and efficient motion capture tool.

Enabled by its proprietary iPi Recorder software, the new distributed recording
feature configures a single computer to record up to 8 USB cameras or a single
Kinect 2 sensor. With additional computers, users can add up to 16 USB cameras or
four Kinect 2 or Kinect sensors. The software, which merges all of the mocap data
into a single file, is used in conjunction with iPi Mocap Studio for tracking up to
three actors simultaneously. Its ability to analyse multi-camera video recordings,
using standard PC desktop or laptop computers offers creative professionals a cost
effective solution to track 3D human body motions and produce 3D animation.
In addition, the use of more cameras or sensors to capture the multi-actor
performances minimises tracking errors typically caused by occlusion (when body
parts are not captured properly), resulting in improved tracking accuracy and
reliability, as well as a faster and more accurate production process.

“The new distributed recording feature in iPi Motion Capture 3.0 offers customers
significant workflow options to meet the growing complexity of today’s motion
capture performance requirements without a bottleneck,’ Michael Nikonov, iPi Soft’s
founder/chief technology architect, says. “The increased camera support and
improved tracking reliability is a boon to our professional users with dedicated
studio space looking to capture complex motion such as sports moves, fight
sequences or choreographed dance.’

Nikonov notes that the common misunderstanding is that using professional high-
definition cameras is a must for accurate motion tracking. “That is true for marker-
based systems, but for markerless mocap solutions like ours, high resolution is not
that crucial. Inexpensive USB cameras or Kinect sensors can achieve the same
accuracy at a fraction of the cost of a marker-based system.’

New Feature Highlights in iPi Motion Capture V 3.0:
• Ability to record mocap data with up to 16 Sony PS3 cameras or up to four Kinect 2
• Track performance of up to three actors simultaneously
• Camera support in Basic Edition has increased from four to six
• Improved tracking accuracy and reliability due to reduced occlusion
• Reduced hardware requirements due to ability to use several laptops/desktops for
• Flexible and cost effective workflow – functionality compatible with inexpensive
off-the-shelf PC laptops or desktops


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