Advanced clapperboard demonstrated at NAB


Timecode Systems Ltd., a company specialising in wireless technologies for sharing
timecode and metadata, announced today that the Denecke TS-TCB Hardware
Clapper IntelliSlate with integrated Timecode Buddy functionality is shipping in
April. First demonstrated at last year’s NAB Show, the IntelliSlate combines the
convenience and functionality of a traditional clapper slate, but with super accurate
RF-locked timecode readout, transmission of stick closing timecode, and a second
ultra-bright LED dot matrix display to mirror metadata from iOS applications. This
means that, for the first time, production teams can use a real hardware slate with
two-way network communication enabled by the Timecode Buddy system. Timecode
Systems will demonstrate the integration with the Denecke TS-TCB IntelliSlate at
the 2015 NAB Show, taking place from 11 to 16 April in Las Vegas, at Booth C1134.

“While many users appreciate the capabilities of an app-based digital slate in terms
of metadata logging and accurate timecode in a visual slate, many still demand the
‘clap,’ robustness, and sunlight readability of a traditional slate. That’s precisely
what they get with this combination of Denecke and Timecode Systems products.

We teamed with Denecke — the industry standard for electronic timecode slates —
to incorporate all the advantages of Timecode Buddy RF and wi-fi networking into a
solid hardware clapper,” said Paul Scurrell, Timecode Systems managing director.
“This collaboration is a boon for production teams that rely on a hardware clapper
slate, and it represents another leap forward in Timecode Systems’ quest to
simplify and enhance production workflows with integrated solutions.”

The Denecke TS-TCB Hardware Clapper IntelliSlate now incorporates a Timecode
Systems’ S1C RF circuit board and a S1C custom display board. Together, they
equip the Denecke slate with a highly accurate timecode generator, RF transceiver,
Wi-Fi connectivity, and a customised display panel. As a result, the slate puts out
timecode, clap stick times, and metadata that is instantly configured and synced,
and then remains in perfect harmony all day long, even if RF is momentarily lost.

The addition of the S1C boards makes the Denecke TS-TCB automatically
compatible with the entire Timecode Buddy system. The board also allows the
Denecke slate to integrate fully into the control surface of the MovieSlate app and
Timecode Buddy: app. It also enables compatibility with the other third-party
applications Timecode Buddy supports, such as Adobe Prelude Live Logger, Softron
Media Services’ MovieRecorder and Multicam Logger, and IN2CORE QTAKE HD.

Charles Parra, president of Denecke said, “Our collaboration with Timecode
Systems has yielded a physical slate with networking capabilities that users can
seamlessly integrate into digital workflow apps for content logging and
automatically ensure that the displayed slate timecode is constantly in sync
throughout the shoot.”


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