CSS Music adds six royalty-free playlists to library


CSS Music, a royalty-free music, background music and sound effects library, has
released six royalty free music volumes with 212 tracks available immediately for
download.The new additions include Volume 38 “Reality TV III’, Volume 39 “Piano
Stylings’ and Volume 61 “Cinema Sports’.

CSS marketing director Mike Fuller said, “This is flat out fabulous film music. For
example check out “Escape from Scorpio’. This tune could possibly blow your mind
so take care when listening. All of our writers bring a special expertise to their
contributions whether it’s from radio, network television, animation or education
and information technology.’

CSS Music regularly provides unique music for the AV/Video and Broadcast
Communities. Fuller attributes the company’s success to their eagerness to appeal
to customer needs. “Because music trends are a moving target, we have employed
the latest in music recognition technology. We use waveform sampling techniques
through our Redi-Trax search utility to help clients prospectively and quickly hone in
on the sounds they need. We use similar technology through TuneSat LLC in New
York City to track actual performances. This is a useful tool to create a snapshot of
the industry to see what producers are using in their projects in the present and
immediate past.’

All six volumes are available for download in .wav (44.1khz / 48 khz), .aif
(44.1khz), Apples Lossless (44.1khz) and .mp3 (320kbs) formats. Music is also
available with downloadable virtual CDs.


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