Christie Microtiles


Christie’s MicroTile video wall system is built on proven DLP® technology and
specifically designed for maximum image quality in demanding indoor, high ambient
light environments. Christie MicroTiles suit a wide range of demanding applications,
including architectural elements, out-of-home advertising, command and control
video walls and event production.

Using both DLP projection and LED technology, MicroTiles offer substantially brighter
images and a much wider colour palette than conventional flat panel LCD and
plasma displays. The system is meant to be infinitely scalable, with no limit to the
number of screens or the way in which they can be arranged.

Microtiles boast extremely fine pixel image reproduction, with 70 times more pixels
than high-end, 4mm surface-mount display LEDs.

The tiles lock together quickly and easily, automatically detecting and synching with
one another. They can also easily be pulled apart and reconfigured. The built-in
sensors in each tile allow them to adjust brightness and colour to ensure a seamless
image across the entire display. Each tile is front accessible and can be individually
serviced without switching off the display or detach any of the other tiles.


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