Designed for broadcast, production and live applications, the MADI-MON in-rack
monitor enables auditioning of embedded MADI channels without the need to
connect to external routers or audio consoles.

In addition, MADI-MON is the first device to provide studio engineers with the tools
necessary to interrogate the MADI stream in order to view the status of embedded
channels. As a result it is the perfect monitor for the maintenance of, or
commissioning of MADI-based audio systems.

Providing bargraph metering for all 32 stereo pairs (64 channels), MADI-MON
provides “at-a-glance’ assurance of signal presence across the complete MADI
stream. Selection of the stereo-pair to be audibly monitored is very intuitive, and
once selected, both channels are also metered on a pair of dedicated high-
resolution bargraph meters.

The status of the MADI stream can be interrogated using the unique MADI data
display. From here it is possible to view useful information such MADI frame data,
AES status/user bits and checksums of each embedded stereo-pair. General
configuration menus are also available, such as selection of sync source (including
wordclock, video, AES and MADI) and sample rate converter.

In addition, MADI-MON simultaneously makes 32 pairs of balanced AES/EBU and
unbalanced AES3-id available for interconnection to routers, audio consoles or any
other AES equipped devices.

As the MADI-MON can be used “in-line’, it provides both coaxial and optical MADI
loop-through outputs. As with all other 4HM products, it demonstrates its
professional credentials by the inclusion, as standard, of an internal redundant
power supply.

• MADI audio and data monitor
• Monitors every MADI channel pair
• 32 channel pair (64 channel) meters with valid audio indication
• High-resolution stereo bargraph meter for selected channel pair
• MADI data display
• MADI loop-through (coaxial and fibre)
• Simultaneous 32 x AES/EBU and AES3-id pair outputs
• Redundant PSU as standard

4HM products are distributed and serviced in South Africa by Concilium


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