Digigram supports expanded FM radio services in India


Digigram has announced its readiness for India’s expansion of the country’s FM
radio services, which will allow for the launch of more than 800 new FM channels in
nearly 300 cities across the country. The company’s Iqoya *Link is a full-duplex
encoding and decoding solution which provides high performance for IP-based
studio-to-studio and studio-to-transmitter links. The Iqoya product line is already
being sold, installed, and serviced in India by Digigram partner Technomedia
Solutions Pvt. Ltd and equips some of the major media groups, including Sun TV.

“With this Phase-III expansion of its radio broadcasting marketplace, India will
effectively enable community radio coverage in all cities with populations of
100,000 or more,’ said Philippe Delacroix, president and CEO at Digigram. “In order
to provide localised information and programming to local audiences, new privately
owned broadcast facilities will require affordable and reliable audio transport
solutions for studio-to-studio and studio-to-transmitter links. Iqoya *Link meets this
demand, enabling the distribution of digital audio over IP networks and delivering
the audio quality and continuity critical in professional broadcast applications.’

Developed in collaboration with major European telcos and now deployed around the
world, the Iqoya *Link ensures 24/7 reliability, audio format flexibility, and ease of
use. Equipped with Digigram’s FluidIP codec engine with multiple failover options, as
well as redundant dual streaming and smart mechanisms that guarantee a reliable
transport of audio and associated ancillary data, the Iqoya *Link maximises uptime.

With strong EMC resilience and a hardware bypass of inputs to outputs in case of
power failure, the Iqoya *Link is uniquely resilient to the potential complications
typical of monsoon season. These characteristics and the product’s power-saving
fanless design also suit the product for deployment in remote locations, where
maintenance and repair can be difficult.


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