RTI announces launch of 360-degree live-streaming camera systems


On 13 January 2014, Realtime Immersion (RTI) announced the commercial launch of its patented camera systems and proprietary software that together deliver live, beyond-HD, 360-degree video directly from sports, entertainment, and news events to any connected device.

RTI’s technology utilizes a single-sensor camera system that is lightweight, rugged, portable, and able to deliver live 360-degree video from previously unattainable vantage points. Approximately US$45 million has been invested in the development of the technology to date.

“RTI’s technology will revolutionize the way sports fans and entertainment enthusiasts experience video content by igniting exploration and creating personalized experiences,” said Greg Easley, CEO of RTI. “From the thrill of skiing off a mountain, to standing on stage with your favorite band, to being on the field with a professional sports team, to covering ground with a reporter from a war zone, audiences can experience everything. Viewers will be immersed in video in completely unique and individually controllable ways.”

RTI’s video can be streamed in real time to virtually any connected device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, and virtual reality headsets. RTI’s interactive viewing app for PCs, mobile devices, and tablets gives consumers exceptional control to pan, tilt, and zoom within live video, as if they are experiencing the action first-hand.

Unlike common multi-camera systems, RTI’s proprietary single-sensor systems output high-frame-rate live video. There are no seams from stitching separate video frames and no distortion to the natural viewing perspective.

The company currently utilizes two camera models, the RTI-4, a compact 360-degree system that can output 2X HD video, and the RTI-2, a miniature HD 360-degree system. In 2015 RTI will be launching the RTI-9, a new camera that outputs live 360-degree video with resolution that is three-times greater than HD.

Source: PR Newswire

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