Evertz and I-MOVIX collaborate on event broadcast technology


Evertz, developer and manufacturer of electronic systems for the broadcast and
film industry, and I-MOVIX, a company specialising in extreme slow motion for
sports broadcast, have collaborated on streamlined interoperability to provide
integrated ultra-motion solutions combining I-MOVIX X10 camera systems and the
Evertz DreamCatcher.

DreamCatcher provides enhanced story-telling capabilities which enable the
production team to capture an event from all angles, while never missing a moment
of the action. These captured events can instantly be replayed to reinforce the
narrative or packaged afterwards to re-tell and relive the moments of the event.
The continuous ultra-motion recording capability of I-MOVIX X10 systems combined
with the DreamCatcher platform is a powerful addition to the producer’s story-
telling toolkit.

Laurent Renard, CEO of I-MOVIX says, “Our collaboration with Evertz makes all X10
systems fully compatible with the popular DreamCatcher, meaning that Evertz
customers can easily specify I-MOVIX technology as part of their preferred
production setup.”

The X10 range includes X10 UHD, which supports operation in a range of HD or 4K
modes to meet differing production requirements. For very high-frame rate ultra-
slow motion in 4K sports coverage, the system operates in USM mode to deliver
instant replays of up to 1,000fps. For continuous non-stop recording, SSM mode
delivers up to 120fps at 4Kp60. When operating in HD resolutions (1080p or 1080i)
X10 UHD offers up to 600fps in continuous SSM mode, and up to 2,000fps in USM
mode. The system can also complement these specialised applications by
performing in a conventional live camera role.


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