European radio network upgraded with latest technology


Portuguese broadcaster Radio Comercial has selected Star Pro Audio Solution from
the International Datacasting Corporation (IDC), a technology provider for
broadcasters, to deliver music and programming to millions of listeners across the

Jose Gomes, communications and maintenance manager at Radio Comercial
commented,”The selection of the IDC Star Pro Audio Solution guaranteed Radio
Comercial a smooth transition from our existing network to the latest available
technology. Our previous IDC network delivered terrific performance for many
years, and we look forward to the same from our new Star Pro Audio

IDC’s Star Pro Audio solution provides support for advanced features, which allow
operators to improve audio quality, increase advertising revenues, and reduce
costs. These features include:

Copy split – ad insertion
This allows the network to target advertising to specific locations.

Shared hub support
This allows numerous radio networks to share a single 4-channel receiver.

Efficient bandwidth usage
Requires up to 70% less satellite bandwidth than other systems


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