SuperSport upgrades two OB trucks with compact audio desks


Calrec Audio, a company specialising in audio mixing for on-air and live production,
has installed two Summa consoles, the newest in its line-up of advanced digital
audio consoles, to replace the other audio desks in SuperSport’s smaller OB-7 and
OB-8 units. Having standardised its fleet of large OB trucks on Calrec, the small OB
trucks will be used for sports coverage throughout South Africa.

Johan van Tonder, technical operations manager at SuperSport Outside Broadcast
commented, “OB vans are becoming more and more sophisticated, and space is
always an issue, but perhaps even more so in small units. They must be able to
deliver the same level of quality as their larger counterparts in a smaller

Anthony Harrison, Calrec’s international sales manager added, “Our customers and
other broadcasters were asking for a console that was every bit as robust as our
Apollo and Artemis consoles, but with a smaller surface, fewer resources, and an
intuitive GUI with a small learning curve. That was the motivation behind the
Summa console. The fact that we’ve delivered 20 of them since July tells us that
demand is high for a more compact alternative to our other popular consoles.

Progressive broadcasters like SuperSport, our first Summa customer in South
Africa, are helping Calrec to gain a foothold in the market for small OB units.”

Launched in September 2013 with a 180-channel capacity, Summa is also available
in a 128-channel version as an alternative for broadcasters who do not require the
larger channel count of the original Summa console. Both versions offer broadcast-focused facilities presented on a straightforward control surface with a highly
intuitive GUI, making it suitable for a broad range of operator levels. Operators
control the console via a 17-inch multi-touch screen inspired by familiar tablet
technology using established finger gestures. Summa 128 has been designed for
live broadcast applications with a clear focus on ease of operation, allowing fast and
easy access to controls to make it easy to create captivating broadcast audio. On
Summa, even complex workflow tasks such as creating mix-minus feeds are

The console uses Calrec’s Bluefin2 technology at its core, along with the same
Hydra2 router technology that is integral to Calrec’s other Bluefin2 consoles –
technologies that are in use 24 hours a day at hundreds of facilities around the


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