Radio station for children launches in the Middle East


Systems integrator Media Group International (MGI) has built a radio station for the
Children’s Media Network (CMN), allowing the company to broadcast content
dedicated to children and their families in the United Arab Emirates.

CMN’s Jeff Price says, “Charged with launching a radio station, we recognised that we
needed specialist help to install the technical infrastructure. We chose MGI for this
project because the company has a reputation for delivering world-class broadcast
solutions. As part of our remit is to allow children to present some of our
programmes, we needed tough, durable equipment that is also easy to operate. MGI
gave us excellent advice and helped us choose equipment that was ideally suited to
our needs. They also worked exceptionally fast to complete the radio station and gave
us great service and support throughout.’

MGI built two radio studios and a back-up studio, which doubles up as a production
facility when it is not being used for live broadcasts, as well server rooms where live
broadcast material can be stored for up to 60 days.

MGI’s managing director, John Aslett, says: “This was an incredibly exciting project to
be involved with because we were helping CMN make history. There has never been a
dedicated children’s radio station in the Middle East and we are very proud to have
played a key role in making this happen.’

Earlier in 2014 CMN was appointed to launch and manage PearlFM, an English and
Arabic radio station aimed at children and their families. The station plays a
significant role in reflecting the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid
Al Maktoum to provide a cultural space in Dubai dedicated to enriching the lives of
children through a wide range of cultural learning and artistic programmes.


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