Harman’s Studer Vista V digital console


Presented as an improvement on the Vista X, Harman’s Studer Vista V is a 52-fader
console based on the same Quad Star technology as its predecessor the Vista X, but
in a more compact footprint ideal for smaller studios, OB trucks and large live

At the heart of the Vista V is the Infinity Core, which uses CPU-based processors to
deliver an unprecedented 800+ audio channels with superb sonic quality, and more
than 5,000 inputs and outputs. The use of CPU-based processors suggests exciting
possibilities for scaling up to even larger channel counts, and for running third-party
algorithms. Being able to programme in high-level languages like C++ speeds up
the time of implementing new features.

The Vista V also comes replete with VistaMix, Studer’s proprietary automated
microphone mixing algorithm, based on gain sharing ideal for simplifying the mixing
task at multi-contributor events like game shows, debates, etc. VistaMix removes
the need for an operator to manually adjust all the faders all the time, leaving the
microphones of talking participants open, while closing the microphones of silent
participants in order to reduce spill and background noise. As VistaMix runs directly
on the core, no external boxes are needed.

FaderGlow™ combines with assignable channel naming to further reduce stress by
illuminating each fader in the colour relating to the relevant Vistonics function,
creating an instant overview of console status. Studer’s new Spill Zone feature
enables users to line up a group’s contributing channels with the press of just one
button. FaderGlow then identifies their affiliation assigning the appropriate

The Vista V also features a built-in loudness meter. The large-scale bargraph meter
monitors every channel from mono to surround, plus a history display of up to the
last 50 seconds of audio to capture any annoying clicks and overloads.


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