Samsung adds SuperSport app to Smart Hub


Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced that it will be adding the SuperSport
app to its Smart Hub solution on Samsung Smart TVs. This will allow users to stream
and watch highlights of their favourite sports within minutes of the game ending at no
cost, other than fees incurred for data. The app also provides Sport News, fixtures,
logs and live score updates.

Johan Huyser from DStv Digital Media says, “Our partnership with Samsung SA
enables us to take the experience of sport to a level never seen until now. It is all
about enhancing people’s enjoyment of what SuperSport has to offer and making
sure that we deliver, to some of the world’s most passionate fans, the perfect

Available on all Samsung Smart TVs and selected audio-visual products, Smart Hub
allows users to search and access specific content quickly and easily via various apps,
which provides users with better control of their entertainment experience.

Ansgar Pabst, business lead for TV/AV at Samsung SA concludes, “We live in an age
in which consumer satisfaction is of utter importance and understanding the
consumer’s needs and the way they commune around technology and entertainment
is essential. A one size fits all approach is doomed to fail. What drives consumers to
adopt a concept, a service or a product is all about what’s in it for them – the more
relevant to their lifestyle, the higher the value add, the better the deal.’


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