Satcon Africa forms valuable partnership with Cryptoguard


Satcon Africa, a digital terrestrial distributor of satellite channels in Africa, has
partnered with Cryptoguard, an access control system for digital television. By using
CryptoGuard’s Conditional Access platform and Subscriber Manager System, Satcon
hopes to monetise their operations more efficiently.

Bassam Fahs, IT and technical manager at Satcon says, “We have chosen
CryptoGuard CAS and SMS in comparison with the majority of other competitors. The
cooperation with CryptoGuard is amazing. CryptoGuard is a flexible, cost-effective
and reliable CAS alternative in the market.’

Satcon currently provides TV service to over 50 000 subscribers in different languages
and has grown to be the largest TV provider in Gabon. The company uses DVB-C,
DBV-T, DVB-T2 as well as H.264 encoding systems and plans to use the H.265 in the
future. CryptoGuard is an accepted and recommended solution for DVB encryption
services and can be used for DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-IPTV. Only a
CryptoGuard compatible STB or CA module for digital television is needed to decrypt
the signal. Currently, there are over 110 operators using CryptoGuard, reaching over
2 million TV subscribers. CryptoGuard is used to encrypt content from all major
content providers.

“Our plan is to roll out CryptoGuard on all our networks in Africa. Since the
implementation of the system is so quick and efficient, we believe that this will be
done in much shorter time than we have planned,’ adds Fahs.

Jesper Stal Sales director at CryptoGuard says, “CryptoGuard sees Africa as a key
market and believes Satcon will be the door opener to more African markets. We are
really happy to get yet another African partner and we believe a partnership with
Satcon will make our presence in Africa have a flying start.’


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