Lightworks.TV claims Zylight offers good ROI


Scott Munro, a lighting cameraman and owner of the London-based company,
Lightworks.TV Ltd. shoots and edits a variety of projects, from news packages
to corporate videos and documentaries. Munro has invested in a collection of
production accessories and lighting instruments, which includes the Zylight F8
LED Fresnel.

Munro explains, “It’s hard to keep up with camera technology but you can own
lights these days and make them work for all sorts of projects. If you buy good
products, like the Zylight F8, you’re going to get a good return on your
investment. Good lighting never goes out of fashion.’

Munro claims the battery-powered LED lights allow cameramen to bring lights to
locations where HMI lights are not an option. However, he has not converted his
entire lighting collection to LED, as most instruments he has tested only deliver
soft light. According to Munro, the Zylight F8 LED Fresnel was an exception,
which is why he purchased one in late 2013 and has used it for a variety of

“There is a need for hard lighting sometimes,’ Munro said. “LED is an evolving
market. There have been improvements, and I think Zylight is one of those big

Through its eight-inch SCHOTT glass lens, the F8 maintains single shadow
traditional beam shaping, while its patented focusing system allows spot and
flood operations. The fully dimmable F8 has a high colour rendering index (CRI)
and offers an adjustable beam spread (16-70 degrees). Its LED engine with
quantum dot technology draws only 100 watts, but delivers close to the light
output of a traditional 1000-watt Fresnel.

With such varied shooting assignments, the daylight (5600K) balanced F8 was
an “obvious choice’ for Munro, as opposed to tungsten (3200K), because he
needed the higher output for outdoor shots. Inside or out, he uses barn doors
with a soft box and honeycomb grid to shape the F8’s output. “You can always
make a big light smaller,’ he noted, “but you can’t make a small light

Munro praised the F8’s build quality and compact storage, both important factors
for shooting on location. The F8 proved its worth during a recent shoot at the
Farnborough International Airshow outside of London in July. Munro only had a
short window of time, and external power for HMI lights was not an option. He
powered his Zylight with an IDX battery and got the shots his client needed.

“Working quickly and efficiently is a great way to please a client – and bring
them back,’ Munro said. “I feel the Zylight is an efficient light. It’s just great. It’s
focusable, controllable, affordable and incredibly reliable.’


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