Pronology presents digital asset management tools at IBC


Pronology, a developer of tapeless workflow solutions, will showcase its full
range of digital asset management tools at International Broadcasting
Convention (IBC) at Hall 10, Stand A26. The IBC show takes place from 12 to 16
September in Amsterdam.

Mike Shore, co-founder of Pronology says, “Pronology was built upon our
industry experience, which has allowed us to provide a flexible solution to
accommodate the wide range of potential workflows that exist in today’s
production environments. We are eager to expand our outreach to industry
professionals and specifically to the European market, as we feel they can
benefit from the features of our easy-to-use, collaborative, Web-based

Pronology provides users the option of working in the cloud, via an internal
intranet or a secure Pronology-hosted network. By utilizing a standard web-
browser as its primary interface, Pronology allows a limitless number of users to
perform multiple functions simultaneously and remotely.

Acquire, organize and transcode from ingest

Pronology’s custom-designed, hardware-agnostic ingest-control application can
directly manage recording devices from industry leading manufacturers. In
addition to giving users a single interface for starting and stopping multiple
recordings, it also facilitates the entry of organisational metadata prior to and
during ingest. This same information is used throughout the Pronology system,
offering clear communication about a recording and its significance. This enables
users to organize their content at the beginning of the process, minimizing
human error. The system also includes a fully integrated transcode engine.
Users can create proxies from imported material, or normalise all of their in-
bound assets to a house format, all without the need to license and configure
external transcoding software.

Feature-rich production tools

As part of the browser-based interface, users have instant access to a live web
proxy of the video and audio feeds being captured by the production’s record
operation. These feeds can be logged instantly and time-coded accurately by
multiple users, regardless of their physical location. User comments and log
entries are immediately visible to all other (authorized) users, and can be
associated with just one recording, or all recordings within a group. The log
entries can be imported into an NLE environment and associated to the
recordings as locators. As these entries are relevant to the high, edit and web-
proxy resolutions of the content, the editorial coordination between off and on-
line is greatly simplified. Pronology’s intuitive sub-clipping tool also allows users
to select their ideal shots, and to sub-clip content into customisable bins for
ease of organisation and clear communication to the edit room.

Along with logging and sub-clipping, producers have the option to use the web
proxies to create a storyboard of their projects. They can simply drag and drop
the selected clips into a storyboard and send this as a sequence to their editor.
Since these sequences can be associated to any resolution of a recording, the
editor can load the Pronology storyboard into their NLE and link to the
appropriate resolution for on or off-line work. Pronology supports a range of NLE
systems, including Avid, Adobe and Apple.

Remotely manage approvals

To manage project approval, Pronology enables post-production staff to email a
link to one or a group of producers/clients seeking comments and editorial
authorisation for recorded and edited content. This link is completely encrypted,
allowing for off-site viewing while maintaining content security. Each link view is
tracked in real time, showing the recipient time-stamped data for previews and
approvals by each user. For added security, senders can specify a link’s kill date
and require a login to view material.

Delivery Services

As an extension of its approval functionality, Pronology also offers web video
hosting and advanced content delivery services, including multi-platform
distribution and VOD delivery for clients looking to monetise their content on
other screens.


Pronology includes a complete archive solution. Imported and/or recorded
content and its associated metadata can be preserved to both LTO data tape as
well as to the cloud. Users have the option to control a single LTO tape drive or
a multi-drive robot to create an open-standard LTFS-formatted backup manually
or automatically. This gives users the ability to create full or partial restores of
media directly from their browser. Included in the complete Pronology offering is
the ability to extend all of the archive functionality to a cloud-based option.


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