GfK research shows Africans trust traditional advertising methods


Research firm GfK analysed consumer behaviour in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa and found that Africans appear to show much higher levels of trust in traditional advertising methods.

According to GfK’s findings – which they stipulated is “far from uniform at a national level” – a staggering 49% of data gathered found product related TV ads to be the most trustworthy source of product information, 43% trust TV programmes, 38% trust radio ads, 36% trust radio programmes, and 32% trust newspaper ads. This shows a noteworthy contrast to significantly lower levels of confidence in the UK, where 8% of respondents trust in radio ads and 21% trust in TV ads.

GfK director Joseph Staton said, “Showcasing heritage and celebrating prestige combined with distinctive advertising messages will appeal to consumers across these increasingly demanding and discerning markets.”

The primary information source for 58% of British consumers is advice from friends and relatives, while this same logic applies to only 28% of African consumers, said GfK.

While quality, price and trust are the most important purchase influencers for both African and British consumers, brand legacy and status is of far more importance for Africans.

For more information visit the GfK website or the Warc website.

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Chanelle Ellaya
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