Eurodoc 2015 call for entries


Applications are now open to filmmakers wanting to attend Eurodoc 2015, a
training programme which caters to documentary producers developing a
specific project with international appeal. The programme comprises of three
one-week sessions which take place in three different European countries,
organised at three-month intervals which allows filmmakers time to develop their
projects between sessions. The deadline for 2015 submissions is 15 October

Since its establishment, Eurodoc has worked with 750 professionals from 53
countries to produce over 200 films.

The programme

Eurodoc is a training programme specifically designed for co-producing creative
documentaries at an international level. It includes a documentary think-tank
covering a wide variety of narrative styles and production modes with the aim of
defending the documentary genre. Programme fundamentals include widening
horizons to discover new territories of cooperation, and experiencing new
outlooks together with roughly 30 other professionals from Europe and beyond.

To tackle every aspect of the development process of a film project, more than
50 experts, currently active in the field of documentary production and financing,
intervene during the training programme. These include: producers, lawyers,
pitching and co-production consultants, commissioning editors, distributors and

Master Classes

New features planned for upcoming Eurodoc sessions include short Master
Classes with major players in the audio-visual and new media industries.
Considering the significant changes occurring in the fields of production,
distribution and broadcasting, the objective of these sessions is to gain in-depth
understanding of how the main protagonists tackle them today.

Although the training programme is mainly focused on the project presented by
each producer, there is also an aim to provide a personal approach to
understanding the future direction television channels are planning to take and
how they make their decisions.


Independent producers of documentary projects with international potential as
well as commissioning executives from documentary departments of
broadcasters or from partners in the sector, financiers or distributors seeking an
in-depth analysis of their documentary project in development may apply.

Eurodoc will allow these filmmakers to test the appeal and potential of their
project abroad as well as gain advice on complex budgeting, financing,
legal and technical aspects of co-production.

Participants will present their project to the main commissioning editors from
Europe and beyond, in one-to-one meetings and a friendly and privileged

Session 1 – Development / March 2015
Session 2 – Budgeting, Financing, & Packaging / June 2015
Session 3 – Meeting the Commissioning Editors / October 2015

Visit the Eurodoc website to apply.


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