EVS celebrates two decades of innovation at IBC2014


At IBC2014, EVS, provider of live video production systems, will build on its 20
years as a pioneer in live TV production and demonstrate how it will help
customers meet the challenges and tremendous opportunities of a new media
landscape over the next 20 years.

EVS will underscore four key technology and business priorities supported by
new and improved solutions across sports, entertainment, news and media

Multisource file-based ingest server, OpenCube SD/HD offers advanced media
workflow solutions with an extended range of MXF file generation, advanced
MXF file interoperability including AS-02, AS-03 and AS-11, IMF support, and
unequalled management of ancillary data (closed caption, subtitling) throughout
the entire production and archive chain, enabling media specialists to manage,
deliver and manage content efficiently, seamlessly and consistency.

EVS will present the latest IPDirector tools for automated archive and production
workflow operations. The new melt feature offers automated playlist creation of
all key actions (clips) created during live operations and transfers to archive,
post or offsite production along with the log sheet and original metadata –
providing significant clip retrieval advantages.

IPDirector also features new AutoClipping capabilities for automatic clip creation
based on associated keywords added using the IPDirector logging tool or by
importing external statistics information linked to the live event timecode.
Viewers now demand better, immediate and targeted content, meaning
broadcasters and content producers must streamline and connect their
broadcast operations to deliver enriched content faster.

EVS’ new range of live production tools based on the new XT3 platform
empowers live production teams with on-the fly media control capabilities based
on its series of live control panels: MultiReview, LSMConnect and Epsio zoom for
intuitive and instant action during live operations.

EVS’ new web-browsing interface C-Cast Xplore provides immediate access to
live multi-camera recording feeds and clips on XT3 servers, giving production
teams unprecedented capability to work remotely and enhance content on the
fly – regardless of location. Production teams can create and deliver better
content faster in connected and collaborative environments, enabling the right
balance between onsite coverage and offsite collaboration.

At a recent large sporting event spread across multiple locations, C-Cast Xplore
enabled offsite production teams – located at the home studio or IBC – access
to all live feeds and clips created by on-site crews. This has dramatically
speeded up highlights package creation and significantly reduced production

EVS will demonstrate how its C-Cast technology can be used to extend the
content experience beyond the television screen, enabling broadcasters,
content owners and content distributors to reach, and engage with, more
diverse audiences with high-quality and targeted content.

Visitors will learn how C-Cast has been deployed at major sporting events this
year, allowing broadcasters to combine live production infrastructure with a
flexible central cloud-based platform. This integration enables instant
distribution of multimedia content to connected devices, anytime and anywhere.

Using this approach, a host broadcasting organisation used C-Cast to
aggregate live streams, multi-angle clips, statistics and social network feeds and
provide a packaged media service to affiliate broadcasters. These rights holders
were able to deliver exclusive, compelling and enriched content to their own
second-screen apps. In fact, more than 25 million unique users consumed 15
million hours of video through the event’s multimedia services solutions.

Broadcasters, content owners and production companies need the peace of
mind of knowing that their workflows are flexible, cost-efficient, scalable and
future-proof, allowing them to easily transition to future standards and formats.

With the introduction of its new range of XT3 and XS servers primarily aimed at
live studio operations, EVS has again delivered the greatest flexibility possible in
one box. Both new servers offer extended format support and capabilities,
including 4K, 1080p and proxy, as well as new 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity –
allowing customers to transition to tomorrow’s industry standards and
workflows as needed. EVS can be found in Hall 8 at Stand B90.


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