Creative Cape Town is putting YOU on the map


Creative Cape Town, a programme of the Cape Town Partnership, launched the
new free-to-download Creative Cape Town App on 25 June this year.

The app, developed in partnership with Cape Town agency Domino Digital, is the
first ever dedicated mobile portal for the local creative industry. “The Creative
Cape Town App was developed in response to an increased need for a
centralised resource hub specific to the creative industries. It is also a research
tool and by populating the directory, better understanding can be gained about
the local creative sector,’ explains Caroline Jordan, Creative Cape Town project

The #CCTapp virtually maps the creative industries in Cape Town, giving users
access to necessary information such as the geographical location of businesses
and individual service providers in the local creative sector. Creative businesses
and individuals in Cape Town (and the Western Cape) are able to upload their
portfolios, services and events to the app, creating instant visibility and
connectivity for creative businesses big and small.

One of the Cape Town Partnership’s nine official World Design Capital projects,
the app also includes an event feed with map integration, featuring creative and
cultural activities. Added functionality incorporates the option for users to add
events directly to their own personal mobile device calendar.

“This feature helps the broader public access creative events and industries. The
app is also an aid for cultural and business visitors to Cape Town to help
navigate the city’s creative landscape,’ says Jordan.

The app features a directory on which anyone in the creative sector, regardless
of whether or not you have a smartphone, can sign up for free. The app itself,
featuring the directory, events feed, and map integration is available for iOS
now; and Android will follow soon.

Launched in Cape Town at East City Studios, the app has been downloaded 216
times in two weeks since its inception. To commemorate the occasion, Creative
Cape Town hosted an event with live app demos and talks by local thought
leaders that focus on digital technology and creativity. “The positive response
from the community has been overwhelming! Creative consumers and producers
in the city are interested in having such a great resource right at the tip of their
fingers,’ Jordan comments.

Unfortunately there won’t be a Johannesburg or Durban edition anytime soon,
Jordan explains: “Creative Cape Town focuses on the city’s creative sector,
which keeps us incredibly busy! Since our mandate is very specific, we’re not
planning to expand the app at this time. However, the technology is there for
other organisations in any sector to drive similar initiatives.’


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