Christie Vive Audio


Christie’s Vive Audio is a complete cinema sound solution that combines three
products by the company, which is renowned for its projectors and audio
systems. Vive Audio Speakers combine with the CDA line of professional
amplifiers and the SKA-3D audio/video processor to create a system that is
optimised to take full advantage of the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) digital
cinema audio format.

This complete audio solution brings an immersive experience to the cinema
environment. Combining the superior audio qualities of ribbon driver technology
with the proven high quality performance of a line array speaker design –
matched with Class D amplification, Christie Vive Audio is designed for accurate
reproduction of all immersive cinema audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, 5.1,
7.1 and Auro 11.1.

The speaker range included in the solution consists of screen channel speakers,
offering improved dynamic range and ultra-low distortion for the accurate
reproduction of the original source material; subwoofers, employing high-
performance components with an advanced design to deliver extremely deep
bass output with minimal distortion; and surround speakers, which feature a
unique integrated waveguide design to provide enhanced clarity and reduced
distortion and also offer ultra-fast transient response..

Ideal for cinema applications, the Christie CDA line of professional amplifiers
offer a range of power options to meet a variety of uses. Utilising an advanced
high-speed Class D architecture, Christie CDA amplifiers offer high power output
and efficiency and are designed for long-term, continuous operation.

Finally, the Christie SKA-3D audio/video processor provides all the processing
power needed for digital cinema content – including audio. The Christie SKA-3D
is also ideal for alternative content, such as preshow advertising, Blu-ray Disc
players, gaming consoles, satellite receivers, computers and multiple 2D/3D
sources via a built-in video scaler. This powerful all-in-one audio and video
processor decodes the latest high-quality, lossless formats such as Dolby®
TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio®

As an additional component of the Christie Vive Audio solution, the Christie IMB-
S2 is a DCI compliant, fully-integrated media block that works seamlessly with a
digital cinema projector to manage cinematic content efficiently and easily.


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