TiNT Post and Rechord Audio shine at DIFF


Located in the leafy, northern Johannesburg suburb of Greenside, in one of the
area’s comfortable “old Joburg’ houses, complete with wooden floors and high
ceilings, TiNT Post and Rechord Audio Post combine to form a complete post-
production solution, mainly catering to producers of long-form projects.

TiNT was founded in 2006 by Yoav Dagan and Rechord Audio, owned by Guy
Steer. The 2007 combined facility offers offline and online editing, colour grading,
subtitles, graphics, sound design, a fully-equipped audio recording studio and
final mix (stereo and Dolby Surround).

Although it does take on short form work and is well-equipped to do so, the
majority of its clients work in feature films, full-length documentaries and
television series. Long and short form projects each require different skill sets
and TiNT has honed and perfected its operations towards the former.

TiNT boasts a good number of films that are to be showcased at the Durban
International Film Festival (DIFF) this month. Among these is Cold
directed by Carey MacKenzie and produced by Tendeka Matatu of
10tenfilms. Originally known as Black South Easter, the “noir-esque’ crime
thriller was shot by the Los Angeles-based British cinematographer Shane Daly.

Dagan notes that grading the footage on the RED Epic was an absolute
pleasure as each shot was perfectly designed and beautiful. As this is a colour
film, giving it the noir aesthetic that the director wanted was tricky but the staff
at TiNT feel that the collaboration of director, DOP and colourist allowed them to
execute it perfectly.

Rehad Desai’s explosive documentary Miners Shot Down, also due to be
screened at DIFF, is another project to which TiNT proudly added its touch. The
greatest challenge faced by the post-production team on the project was the
varying quality of the source material they were given. They had to construct a
finished product using footage from police vehicles, cellphones and CCTV
cameras, among others, all of which needed to be converted and stabilised.
Simon Wood’s captivating Orbis, both an art film and an observational
documentary, set in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, was graded and onlined at TiNT with
audio done by Rechord.

Directed by Leli Maki, Freedom Mix Tape is a documentary that covers 20
years of democracy though music and depicts how music paints a beautiful
picture of our social landscape.

Rechord also worked on Mandela: The Myth and Me, a documentary
which focuses on Madiba’s legacy and asks whether his principles of freedom,
reconciliation and forgiveness are being honoured. It was a co-production by
BFM Features and Gebrueber Beetz Film Production in collaboration with the
BBC, ZDF and Arte DR. The production was afforded the time and budget to
really finesse the sound design and the six weeks spent in the studio seemed to
truly bring the film to life in a way that complements the filmmaker’s journey.
Due to its vast international release, multi-format mixes were created.

Among TiNT and Rechord’s current and upcoming projects are Winsome,
a feature film produced and directed by Maki, and Mandela Redrawn for
The History Channel. Recently completed is Paths to Freedom, an
account of Namibia’s struggle against the apartheid government.


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