NUGEN Audio launches new high-fidelity linear-phase equalizer


UK based music production, broadcast, and post-production audio company,
NUGEN Audio, has launched the SEQ-S Spline and Match Equalizer, a high-
fidelity, linear-phase equalizer which offers powerful functionality for post-
production video.

SEQ-S provides sonic sculpting and precision EQ matching, including stereo mid-
side operation, automated spectrum analysis, curve smoothing, and a direct-
draw spline interface, for corrective applications as it supports mono, stereo,
5.1, and 7.1 surround.

Jon Schorah, creative director, NUGEN Audio explains, “With SEQ-S, we’re
providing the industry’s most advanced linear-phase spline-match EQ —
enabling sound professionals to massage and correct any audio with incredible
resolution and precision that is far beyond what’s possible with a traditional
parametric interface. Unlike many digital EQs, SEQ-S features a phase profile
that is linear across the frequency spectrum, which results in natural-sounding
EQ changes and produces minimal phase artifacts. SEQ-S also includes a unique
resolution setting that can be used with high precision in the low frequencies,
allowing for highly transparent adjustments without muddying the mix.”

Users are able to swiftly identify and precisely fine-tune their audio by using
SEQ-S’s direct-draw interface and detailed spectrum analysis. When combined
with EQ matching via sonic fingerprinting, the product offers users a number of
creative. For example, audio professionals can match recordings in order to
capture the “flavor” of a piece of source audio and then transfer it to the current
project — a technique that can be used on individual tracks to unify different
takes and microphone positions.

While creating space in a complex mix is a cumbersome task with a traditional
EQ, SEQ-S’s EQ invert button allows users to do this using a minimally invasive
technique. By sampling the vocals in a music project, and then using the EQ
invert button to apply the inverted curve to the backing, users can moderately
create specific space without damaging the original tonality of the underlying

Visit the NUGEN Audio website for more information.


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