Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival coincides with Durban Pride


The fourth Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (DGLFF), which takes place from
20 June to 6 July at the KwaZulu-Natal Society of the Arts in Glenwood, will
again coincide with Durban Pride, which takes place on Saturday 28 June at
Kings Park Stadium.

Jason Fiddler, Director of DGLFF, says the festival is about more than lesbians,
gays, bisexuals, transgendered and intersex (LGBTI) people and comments, “We
have always tackled issues of gender, sexuality and orientation with an open
mind, a respectful viewpoint and an inclusive mind-set. A person’s self-identity,
gender and orientation — while important and worthy of respect — are only a
part of what makes up one. This festival affirms that uniqueness of the
individual, and through cinema we have a chance for differing viewpoints to
converge over a drink and a chat after a film — the kind of interpersonal
communication our society dearly needs these days.’

The festival will feature a diverse line-up of international feature films, local and
international documentaries and shorts as well as free public filmmaking
workshops. Themed: “20 Years of Democracy’, there will also be a focus on a
number of human rights issues.

The 10-Year Plan, a romantic comedy directed by US filmmaker J.C. Calciano
(Steam Room Stories) will open the festival on 21 June at 20h00.
SA producer Marc Schwinges (Below tThe Belt) will host a workshop in line with
20 years of his LGBTI productions which have featured in the programme.

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