DYVI Live Production Suite


Receiving its first South African demonstration at the offices of Inala Broadcast in
Midrand, Johannesburg just after NAB this year, the DYVI is a new addition to
the production switcher market but, its developers say, it is so much more than
just a switcher. The product, which is set to hit the market in September 2014, is
described as a “real-time video compositing engine’.

The product is the brainchild of SVS (Scalable Video Systems), a German-based
company that was created by former employees of Grass Valley’s now defunct
European development centre. They decided to put their heads together and
create something of their own. The DYVI is designed as a scalable, customisable,
easy-to-use production solution that offers creative power, simple control, a
solid technical platform and the capability for decentralised production.

The creative power offered by the DYVI encompasses the following attributes:

With a full 3D DVE engine, DYVI’s processing modules offer the most powerful
DVEs in the switcher industry

Pre-built and modifiable effects and an easy step-by-step 3D DVE menu are
standard, featuring effects with Z/Depth information as well as 3D intersections
between multiple effects.

DYVI allows more than one keyer (chroma or luminance) in a single layer.
Clips are stored uncompressed as RGB+key for high-quality motion graphics via
processing modules with built in RamRecorders. The internal memory consists of
32GB, which is divided between eight dynamic channels of RamRecorder.
The Create Art Tool (CAT) gives you control over the colour, texture, brightness
and contrast over the entire picture or parts of it.


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