Imperial’s new advertising campaign “looks at life in kilometres’


Imperial joined forces with Cinemark recently to create a cinema campaign that
would portray the brand quality and the offerings of the leading company when
it comes to mobility.

“Imperial literally adds kilometres to your life – not only helping you get around
when you travel and offering you the perfect vehicle to get you and your family
around safely, but also by taking your business and products to new places,’
says Imperial Group Marketing’s Niki Cronje.

She explains that when you live for the road the way that Imperial does, every
kilometre is a unique moment and a rare experience.

This is why “Look at life in kilometres’ was the positioning campaign for Imperial
in early 2013 – the first time that the brand had ever been seen by the
consuming public in conventional media. With a campaign idea in place, the
Imperial team and Cinemark embarked on a journey to ensure cinema could
make the most of the company’s brand strategy.

“We created a 45′ television commercial to relay this message. Cinema is a
logical choice as you have a captive audience within a relaxed setting,’ Niki

With research showing that audiences are more engaged in cinema houses,
with little to no distractions, Niki adds that cinema also allowed them to target
specific areas and demographics.

By taking Imperial’s message to the cinema, Cinemark showed that advertising
is always better on the big screen. Niki says: “Cinema proves to be a logical
media choice.’

You can watch the advert here


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