The software-empowered video operator


It is clear that the video services industry is in a state of transition. The past
several months have witnessed a shift towards IP technologies, with networks
and other infrastructures’ components moving away from a hardware defined
value proposition to one that is more software-centric and adaptable. This shift
opens up a realm of possibilities for more dynamic presentation, discovery and
realtime usage feedback

As a result, service providers adopting a software empowered model are able
better to contain network costs while increasing security, operational
efficiencies, and enabling flexible business models that can address the
expanding range of consumer viewing experiences anytime, anywhere. Simply
put, operators are able to create significant differentiation from their competitors
to achieve market longevity.

Inala Broadcast has a complete workflow solution from Zappware / Verimatrix /
Harmonic / Broadpeak, which completes the CMS / DRM / CDM – Ingest /
Preparation and Delivery of Multiscreen / over-the-top (OTT) solutions. The term
“multiscreen’ refers to the delivery of the same live or video-on-demand content
to multiple devices, such as television sets, PCs, tablets, mobile phones and
gaming devices. OTT refers to the ability of a content owner to deliver content
directly to the end user over the internet, going “over the top’ of traditional
operators such as cable or direct-to-home television (DTH).

Verimatrix, an industry leader in software-based security solutions for content
owners and service providers, whose solutions are included in Inala’s IPTV / OTT
workflow solution, has recently released an e-book, The Rise of the Software-
empowered Video Operator, which outlines the company’s updated vision of
how IP trends are affecting content owners. The book details how current
trends, such as software defined networks (SDNs), IP-based head-ends and
cardless security, are fueling the IP transition; how past technological shifts to
software have restructured the communications industries; important
implications and operator advantages for software-empowered video operators;
and the company’s updated vision of revenue security, including key elements
that address virtualisation and UHD / 4K requirements – plus how this new
model impacts an operator’s vendor ecosystem.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of this e-book can contact Colin Wainer at
Inala Broadcast on or 011 206 8341 .


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