HEADLINE: Miranda Telecast CopperHead 340K camera-mountable fibre transceiver


Miranda Technologies introduced its Telecast brand CopperHead 3404K camera-
mountable fibre transceiver at CABSAT 2014 in Dubai.

Designed to take advantage of lightweight, easy-to-install fibre, the 4K UHDTV-
ready CopperHead 3404K transceiver requires only two strands of fibre optic cable
to carry all bi-directional signals, including four 3Gb/s HD/SDI paths, from camera
locations to truck or control room or around a remote production site. Importantly,
the dual-strand bi-directional system enables 4K cameras to be easily multi-
purposed for ENG, digital cinematography and studio applications without the
constraints imposed by copper connections.

The CopperHead 3404K system includes the camera-mountable transceiver, base
station and remote camera control panel, which collectively enable a range of high-
end cameras to be fully connected and remotely controlled via SMPTE 311M fibre.
The 4K CopperHead has already been instrumental in recent uses for network
coverage of major sporting events.


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