Finalists for MIPFormats International Pitch competition announced


The five MIPFormats International Pitch competition finalists to be invited to Cannes to pitch their projects during the 5th edition of MIPFormats on 5 and 6 April, ahead of MIPTV from 7 to 10 April at Cannes in France, have been announced.

Reed MIDEM, organiser of MIPTV and MIPFormats, and Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP), stated that the finalists are Have Them Dance! (Italy), Stars on the Street (Spain), The Means Test (Ireland / UK), The Power of Love (Ireland) and Zombie Boot Camp (Australia).

Regarded as the global pitching event for craetors and producers around the world with original, non-scripted entertainment formats, the MIPFormats International Pitch is exclusively sponsored by WBITVP for the third year. The global pitching event for creators and producers around the world with original, non-scripted entertainment formats. WBITVP will spend up to €25,000 to develop the winning project of the MIPFormats Pitch.

Have Them Dance! For all the women out there whose men refuse to take to the dance floor at parties, Niall gets the guys to shake their booties. A skilled dancer and “the king of all parties’, Niall uses any means from psychological torture to physical constaint to get men dancing.

Presented by Francesca Moino, TV Writer / Producer and Development (Italy) and Alberto Mascia, Director and Screenwriter (Italy)

In Stars on the Street singers start from the beginning by singing in the street as four contestants face the most demanding jury: passersby. Selected singers who are surprised at home or work have an hour to choose which instruments they will use and what clothes to wear for the sing-off. People on the street choose the winner by putting coins in the baskets of the competitors.

Presented by Xabi Zabaleta, Head of New Formats and Projects, Pausoka (Spain)

A brand new television quiz concept, The Means Test, has huge app appeal. Using a scoring mechanism where each contestant’s performance is measured against the average score of the group, which is collated after each round, 100 players are whittled out. Contestants “set the average’ or “chase the average’ as the questions get more difficult, options to answer increase and time gets less.

Presented by Noleen Golding, Executive Editor, Tyrone Productions (Ireland) and Patricia Moore, Producer, Tyrone Productions (UK)

The Power of Love aims to change the seemingly unreachable goal of finding long-term happiness in the world of speed dating, sexting and onling dating. The series’ goal is to take entrants back to a time of old-fashioned courtship, when people got to know each other before they became a “couple’. Described as “the Downtown Abbey’ of TV dating shows, the series is driven by an excellent cast and captivating narrative. A new global format with scope for divorcees and same-sex shows.

Presented by Billy McGrath, Owner / Creative Director, Sideline Productions (Ireland)

In the reality show Zombie Boot Camp 16 contestants “fight for their lives’ during the ZombieApocalypse. Two teams compete in a survival challenge in every episode and test their skills in everything from skull protection to makeshift bullets. The winning team receives immunity while three contestants from the losing team have to face the Zombies. The last contestant to reach the hatch will be “eaten’. In the finale, the two last competitors will face 200 zombies, which include their old team members.

Presented by Lisa Gray, Head of Content, The Feds (Australia) and Claire Marshall, Associate Producer: Development, The Feds (Australia)

On Sunday 6 April, the finalists will pitch their projects live in front of an international jury of formats experts: Nick Emmerson, CEO, Ricochet (UK); Taco Ketelaar, Senior Vice President, Prime Time, Entertainment Sat.1, ProsiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland (Germany); Sandra Kleinfeld, Director of Development, Studio and Unscripted Content, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada); and Cathrine Wiernik, Head of Development and Format Acquisitions, TV4 (Sweden).


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