SuperSport switches to widescreen format


SuperSport will switch its standard definition (SD) channels to a widescreen
format from Tuesday 4 February, bringing these SD channels in line with
international broadcasting trends and with other channels on the DStv platform.

Available in the 16:9 aspect ratio, SuperSport SD viewers will have a richer, fuller
viewing experience. The old 4:3 aspect ratio, when combined with modern flat
screen televisions, caused interruptions when parts of the picture were cut off
during viewing.

Viewers with older televisions will also be to access the widescreen format by
selecting ARC on their DStv remotes and changing to 16:9 letterbox, which will
display the full 16:9 image on 4:3 screens with black bars at the top and bottom.
Changes can also be made from the “MENU’ option on decoders.

Acting CEO of SuperSport, Brandon Foot, said, “It offers a far richer viewing
experience, particularly for sport which is often fluid and panoramic. We’re
looking forward to its implementation and expect that viewers will enjoy the new

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