The Bioscope hosts US indie film fest


From 16 January, The Bioscope Independent Cinema in Johannesburg screens a
number of contemporary independent films from North America as part of an
American Indie Film Festival, through its relationship with New York-based
distribution company, Factory 25.

Films which feature in the festival line-up include:

Richard’s Wedding

Screening on 16 January at 19h00, this bold and at times politically incorrect but
moving film, explores the relationships of friendship and marriage in a different
view of the wedding movie genre.

The Sheik and I

When independent filmmaker Caveh Zahedi was instructed by a Middle Eastern
Biennial to make a movie on the theme of “art as a subversive act’, with the only
rule being that he may not make fun of the Sheik, he created a documentary
that does just that. The Sheik and I screens at 20h00 on 16 January and will run
at The Bioscope until 23 January.


This film captures the daydream of youth and the delicacy of adolescent
friendships, featuring a teenager who moves from a peaceful lakeside town to
his father’s home in arid suburban Arizona. The screening takes place on 18
January at 18h00.

The Oregonian

Screening at 20h00 on 18 January, The Oregonian tells the story of a woman
from Ore¬gon who is lost on the road, escaping her past. She has a chance to
expe¬ri¬ence every¬thing the North West has to offer, whether she likes it or

Fake It So Real

This is a film which examines the world of independent pro wrestling and follows
a ragtag group of wrestlers in North Carolina in the build-up to a big show.
Watch what takes place when the dramatic theatrics of the wrestling world
collide with reality at 17h00 on 19 January.


Prima ballerina Geraldine, photographer Kees, and their sons, Christiaan and
Louis, left Holland in 1980 to take up residence at the Convento Sao Francisco
de Mertola in Portugal. Filmmaker Jarred Alterman features Christiaan’s kinetic
sculptures, made from discarded electronics and the skulls and bones of
deceased wildlife in this movie which screens at 19h00 on 19 January.

Also included in this month’s line-up at The Bioscope is Cinema Improvisano,
which features composer Paul Hanmer hosting once-off performances where he
will provide an improvised soundtrack to two classic silent films. The performance
will take place on 29 January at 19h30.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, screenings of Quentin Tarantino’s True Romance
will take place on 14 February at 19h30.

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