Lungile Radu to host Big Brother Mzansi


Producers and show executives of South African reality television show Big
Brother Mzansi, which returns after 11 years for a third time, has announced
that television personality Lungile Radu has been confirmed as the host of the
series, which starts on 2 February 2014.

Radu will keep viewers informed and updated about everything that happens in
the house and will be, for the most part, the housemates’ only contact with the
outside world.

The actor and presenter has an impressive list of television credentials. He
presented the popular programmes Kasi 101, O-Boma, Set It Off and Shout it
Out on Channel O, Africa’s first music television destination.

Radu has also hosted Fear Factor and recently starred in the inspirational series
Forever Young on Mzansi Magic, a programme he has co-created and developed.

Says Radu about being selected as the host of Big Brother Mzansi, “On a show
of this magnitude and given this format particularly, it’s clear that the stars of
the show are the housemates themselves, ordinary men and women suddenly
thrust into the spotlight in a truly unique situation.

“Their prominence on the show allows me to take on more of a guiding role,
helping audiences navigate the house and the relationships of those who live in
it, while also engaging housemates themselves on their Big Brother

He continues, “I’m really looking forward to my time on the show. It’s an
opportunity for me to learn what goes into making this massive production. It
appeals to the presenter but also to the producer in me. It will also give me the
chance to hone my live presenting skills.

“Being on-air in real time is one of the most challenging aspects of TV presenting
and there’s no better place to master that skill than on a programme where
unpredictable characters, shocking twists and unexpected turns are in fact,

Yolisha Phahle, M-Net director for Local Interest Channels, commented on Radu’s
selection as the presenter of Big Brother Mzansi, “Lungile has grown as we have
grown. From his first appearance on air to his most recent work, he’s very much
a part of the M-Net family. What really appealed to us is that he has the ability
to engage with our audiences easily. They love his easy-going but polished
demeanour. They admire what he has achieved and aspire to his success.’

She adds, “We knew that whomever we chose would have to understand that
this show comes with a huge amount of attention, and as such they would have
to be comfortable being in the spotlight.

“In addition, we knew that we needed to choose an individual who was
committed to this project, which as a 24/7 production requires its host to be well
informed about day to day happenings, as well as positioned to offer unique
insights to viewers about the game.’

Producers Endemol SA are busy completing a revamped Big Brother house, as
well as finalising housemate selection and putting finishing touches to plans.

Big Brother Mzansi starts on Sunday 2 February 2014 at 19h00 with a two-hour
launch programme and will screen live 24/7 on channels 197 and 198 to pay-
channel DStv Premium and Compact audiences.

Series’ highlights will also screen on Mzansi Magic so a wide DStv audience will
be able to watch all the nominations, evictions, tasks, drama, parties, romance
and more.

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