Vibrant SA ad campaign from Masters & Savant Worldwide


Briefed in from Cape Town-based agency, Ninety9Cents, Masters & Savant
Worldwide production company recently completed work on a fun, two-part
campaign highlighting South African retail giant Ackerman’s trendy range of
fashion and sandals.

Inspired by the current neo-tropicarnival trend that allowed the bold and vibrant
colours of the merchandise to “pop’ on screen, the concept was to create an
exotic environment.

Says Reto Reolon, managing director for Masters & Savant Worldwide (Cape
Town) and director of the shoot: “Lighting was key to this campaign. Vibrant
colours look best on a dark background, but the secret is to light them correctly
to show off the details of the clothing.

“Neon colours on the other hand, need a UV light to glow, but get washed out
under normal studio lights. So we had to perform multiple lighting tests to make
sure that the final footage ticked all of these boxes.’

Wendy Birt, deputy creative director at Ninety9Cents, congratulates Masters &
Savant Worldwide for the work the agency did on this campaign. “Reto and his
team understand the fine line we walk between capturing the beauty of the
models and the fashion, and the practical side of fashion retail: always ensuring
that the merchandise takes centre stage from hard-working close-ups to
showcasing Ackermans’ fashion range.

“It’s always a pleasure working with Masters & Savant Worldwide. Our long-
standing relationship with them is testament to that. They are professional,
enthusiastic, inspired and will always to go above and beyond for Ackermans
and the team at Nintey9Cents,’ concludes Wendy.

Masters & Savant Worldwide has won over 70 awards globally, nine of those Loeries, including a Grand Prix and over 30 Promax Awards.


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