SA film Felix wins two more international awards


The humorous and inspiring South African film, Felix, is gaining perpetual success
on the international festival circuit, adding The Marcinek Award, presented by
the children’s jury for the Best Children’s Feature Film, as well as the Teacher’s
Jury Award Special Mention for Best Children’s Feature Film to its winning

Director Roberta Durrant was present at the 31st International Young Audience
Film Festival Ale Kino, which took place in Poland, to accept the two awards,
which brings the film’s total international awards to five, since Felix’s premiere in
October in South Africa.

When handing out the Marcinek Award, the children’s jury said: “This deeply
moving story about perseverance in pursuing dreams and developing one’s
talent has made a huge impression on us and encouraged us to develop our
own passions.’

The teachers’ jury commented: “Felix is delightfully cheerful, inspiring, optimistic.
It is intended for a wide audience. It shows how important it is to reach the
truth about oneself and to pursue one’s dreams.’

In addition to this achievement, the film has won the Lucas Award for Best
Feature at the Lucas International Children’s Film Festival in Frankfurt; The
Michel Award for Best Children’s Film at the Hamburg Filmfest; the Best Director
Award at the Africa International Film Festival in Nigeria and the Audience Award
at the Durban International Film Festival in South Africa.

Felix returns to South African screens at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town from 20

The DVD is now available in rental stores nationwide and can be purchased from
10 January 2014.

Visit for more information.


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