Call for SA doccie proposals


Sabido Productions, a company that produces African films for international markets,
is calling on South African documentary filmmakers to submit proposals on universally
relevant African stories by 6 December 2013.

Submissions must include a one-page synopsis, a two- to four-page treatment, a
fully itemised budget in ZAR and US dollars, biographies of key creatives (in particular
the director and the producer), screener or showreel (if any), a strong storytelling
plan detailing the structure of the narrative and a list of any pre-existing co‐
production, distribution or finance partners.

Entry guidelines:

• Stories should examine real lives, strong human interest and compelling
journeys and can explore broader themes such as adventure or music.

• Entries need to explore original ideas or shed new light on well-known subjects
while being entertaining, unusual and dramatic.

• Subject matter needs to reach beyond the South African domestic audience
and resonate with international audiences, particularly in the US, UK, Europe and

• Key interviewees/contributors must be articulate and engaging on screen.

Sabido Productions is looking to commission 52-minute one‐off specials and 30- or
60-minute multi‐part series.

Visit for more information.


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