Improving ROI workflows


AJA Video System’s new TruZoom™ software delivers high-quality region-of-interest (ROI)
workflows from 4K and UltraHD signals.

Powered by AJA’s Corvid Ultra hardware, TruZoom is ideal for sports broadcast, live event
production, professional AV, and film. ROI scaling allows for HD extraction from 4K and
UltraHD sources.

Features include support for High Frame Rate (HFR) and 4:4:4 workflows; able to work
with realtime signals, or recorded uncompressed files; instant realtime playback and
interaction at the highest quality; all parameters are key-frameable; intuitive interface with
on-screen indicators; includes external joystick and keypad controller; optional realtime
RAW Debayer firmware for Canon C500; and compatible with the latest HP workstations
running Windows.


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