Field fibre transport system


Available from Zimele Broadcast Services, theBullDog is a field fibre transport system
that combines all the functionality of the Silverback 4K with up to 8 HDSDI in any

theBullDog can be powered over a SMPTE cable, battery or AC line cord. Additional
signals include audio, comms, tally and RCP control, to name a few.

Also available from Zimele is Simple R – the world’s most compact solution for SD /
HD multi-channel recording and instant replays with slow motion. Its size and weight
(4.8kg) is suitable for airplane carry-on luggage.

In industry terms Simple R is an 8-channel system. It simultaneously provides: three
recording video channels, high-speed full-frame search on all three recorded
channels and playback of two channels with transition effects between them. The
system utilises industry-proven codecs: DVCPro 50 / DVCPro HD.

Simple R features a new, specially redesigned multiviewer interface displaying three
input channels and three windows for recorded video for immediate review and
search. In addition to standard for all systems PlayOut-PGM, the preview
window has been added. Preview uses industry-standard interface, displaying the
next clip during playlist playout or active channel during the search.

For the first time in multichannel recording practice, Simple R storage is based on
SSD drives. This allows it to operate in extremely harsh conditions, including at a
high level of vibration. Storage capacity permits recording of 33 hours in full HD or 65
hours of broadcast quality SD video.


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