New automated playout servers for STN


STN Slovenia has chosen PlayBox Technology automated playout servers for the
satellite teleport at its headquarters in Ljubljana. A total of 15 systems have been
installed in an ongoing project, each configured for remote operation by STN’s clients.

“We operate a fully file-based global television playout service,” comments Tomaz
Lovsin, MD of STN. “We have been using PlayBox Technology channel-in-a-box systems
successfully for over three years. Their modular structure gives us the ability to
configure high definition and standard definition systems matching the specific
requirements requested by our clients, including optional primary and secondary

The user interface is straightforward and logical right across the PlayBox
Technology system, which makes staff training very easy. Each channel is fully self-
contained and structurally compact, just one rack unit, which makes expansion very
easy both to accommodate extra channels or to deliver additional features to existing

“Intuitive user interfaces have been a central feature of our broadcast automation
systems right back to our first Channel-in-a-Box system in 1999,” adds PlayBox
Technology regional sales manager Vlademir Stanic. “Each channel includes a
CaptureBox, TitleBox and AirBox, giving operators control of their channel from any
location. This includes file ingest and scheduling, graphics creation, resolution scaling,
frame-rate conversion, aspect-ratio conversion, multiple audio and subtitle streams and
content validation. Each system feeds direct to multiviewers and transmission


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