Pro-Sales reports successful show


Pro-Sales displayed several big brands at Mediatech Africa such as Panasonic, Sony,
Newtek and Sennheiser.

Other brands on display on the Pro-Sales stand included Genustech, GoPro, Swit,
Secced, Rode, Phonak, Azden, LS Lighting, Roto Light, Cosmo Light, Lytek Lighting,
Cartoni, Panther, HPRC cases, Draka cabling, Belitz Kabel Kultur, AnimFX, and many
more accessory type products.

“We also had a few of our overseas distributors represented on the stand,’ says Pro-
Sales’ Arne Sack. “These included Christian Heinz of Panther, Mark Blaker of Genustech
and Newtek’s Simon Medallion and Rama Jane.

“For us this was by far the best Mediatech Africa ever. We would not call it good, better
incredible or even excellent. The only word to describe it would be miraculous. We not
only made an incredible amount of on-stand sales but also sales which we are in the
process of delivering now. There were many solid enquiries made at the show and we will
spend quite a bit of time beyond the borders of South Africa as a result.

“My hat goes off to the foot soldiers and their captains who organised the show. I
honestly think we were possibly the busiest stand on the show – this is what many
people told us. We were certainly complimented on our stand many times.’


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