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Inala Broadcast represents a number of leading international suppliers to the broadcast
and professional ProHD technology markets. Its partnership approach with these world
leaders and innovators gives the company access to the products and technical
expertise and enables it to share this knowledge with customers.

The company has the experience of providing integrated turnkey solutions to the
broadcast and professional television markets. These include play-out systems,
production and news studios and headend solutions.

Inala Broadcast represents and is the manufacturer accredited to install, integrate and
support Apple, Cisco, Dolby, ENPS, Miranda Technologies, Harmonic, Tektronix and TSL.

The company represents, installs, integrates and supports Alpermann & Velte, Argosy,
Aviwest, Bluebell Opticom, Broadpeak, DTL, Ericsson, Gigasat, Minnetonka, MOG
Technologies, Pebble Beach Systems, Rascular, Riedel, Starfish Technologies, TE
Connectivity, Tedial, Telescript, TV Logic, Videssence and Weather One, and is the
authorised system integrator for Sony and Grass Valley.

Says Antony Bijsters, project manager and consulting engineer: “System integration
(SI) at some level or another has become necessary with the high degree of
interconnection that goes with broadcasting systems. By including automation, media
asset management or any file-based workflow, you get a system that is going to require
some integration.

“We invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that our engineers are up to date with the
latest in broadcast technology. By incorporating project management skills we can
ensure that a multi-disciplined project is delivered on time and on budget.

‘Budget has always been a feature with any broadcast system; the key is innovative
designs using the latest technology to help achieve more functionality for less money.
We make use of locally sourced skills and materials wherever possible to help keep costs

According to Bijsters, much more design and planning goes into Ethernet networks
today. “Consequently we need to work very closely with the network engineers if we are
not building the networks as part of the system. I think the overall complexity is much
the same, although perhaps the physical cabling might be a little simpler, but the
network configuration is not.’

Inala Broadcast regularly consults with its customers to discuss improvements in
technology and workflows for all aspects of programme making, play-out and
transmission. The company’s efficient team of sales consultants and project engineers
are able to offer customers expert advice, assistance, and engineering support.


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