Tri Continental Film Fest returns


Now in its 11th year, the Tri Continental Film Festival (TCFF) – the longest running human rights film festival on the continent – will take place in South Africa from 13 to 29 September. TCFF remains committed to showcasing the highest quality in cinema concerned with human rights, democracy and environmental justice. 

Since its inception in 2002, TCFF has screened powerful films from South Africa and across the globe, exploring some of the most urgent local and global issues facing us today. This year, in partnership with South Africa’s National Film and Video Foundation, the European Union, Lawyers for Human Rights and others, the festival will offer over 40 films to audiences in Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria. 

“This year’s selection takes a good look at the world in recent times and tries to capture some of the big moments,’ says festival director, Anita Khanna. “Through the lens of passionate documentary filmmakers, we get to be part of some of those moments and in turn gain a better understanding of ourselves. This is what I love about the big issue films.’

TCFF 2013 features an exciting series of films from the Afro-Middle East reflecting on the great Arab Spring and its aftermath – specifically the events that toppled regimes in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Another important focus this year will be on global gender rights, with films by and about women in personal and collective struggles for gender equality and against gender-based violence in Africa, Asia and Europe as well as great titles focused on LGBTQ rights in Africa.

“The death of Anene Booysen woke this nation up to how rape-tolerant we’ve become and how perniciously sexist our society is,’ continues Khanna. “We would like the festival to be a space where all those who want to challenge the abuse of women can come together, watch great films on women and use the platform to strengthen campaigns.’

To celebrate the exceptional work of passionate filmmakers, TCFF 2013 will, for the first time in the festival’s history, introduce the award for The Best Human Rights Film in partnership with

Amnesty International SA. The award, initiated to develop a culture of human rights-centered cinema in South Africa, carries a cash prize.

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