Mastering the art of CSI storytelling


Much has been said and written about Corporate Social Investment (CSI), however little of what is communicated really engages an audience, hence the importance of storytelling for  corporates and NGOs who wish to communicate about the positive social change brought about by CSI interventions in hundreds of South African communities.

In 2005 Kaelo Engage launched the Kaelo Stories of Hope (KSOH) TV programme, with the aim of developing inspiring and exciting ways to showcase CSI content for organisations. The show is the longest running and best reaching social development communications platform in the country.

Over the last eight years, Kaelo has told 600 CSI stories from more than a 100 companies in South Africa. Research done on the impact of the multimedia content platform on non-profit organisations who have featured on the show indicates that 54% saw increased national awareness, 27% had improved staff morale, 12% experienced increased community support and 15% cited increased media queries and future funding opportunities.

The eighth season of Kaelo Stories of Hope Back returns on 6 August. In order to keep the content fresh and inspiring, the show has a new director, a producer, presenter and a brand facelift. 

Emmy Award nominee and South African actress, Lerato Mvelase will take over the presenting role for 2013’s Season 8. Having appeared in numerous theatre and TV productions, multi-lingual Mvelase has just the depth and passion for telling authentic South African stories to take the platform to new heights.


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