New Emmanuel Olabode film project


Reputed to be one of the pioneers of Nollywood, Emmanuel Olabode has just completed filming of his new feature film, called Really Surprising.

According to Olabode this project is a first-of-its-kind in the Nigerian industry, in which a young pastor and his wife are held up by robbers with toy guns.

Olabode trained at AFDA in Johannesburg where he specialised in Cinematography and Directing. He trained briefly under renowned Hollywood cinematographer, Paul Michelson, whom he met on the set of the feature film Man On Ground.

He has directed the short films Hope and Bophelo, and was the DOP on the short film Busted.  

Olabode’s latest film was written by AFDA alumnus Feyisayo Anjorin (Jacob’s Cross, Scandal, Jozi Kings) who also co-produced and acted in the film.

  The movie was shot over seven days on the Canon 5D in Enugu in Nigeria, with most of the crew from Lagos and most of the cast from Enugu.

Olabode believes that the level of filmmaking in Nollywood should be raised to match first-world standards to enable Nollywood to compete internationally and to broaden the market base. Says Olabode: “This is why I have rejected offers from international production companies to come to Lagos. This is my mission.’

The film is currently in post-production.


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